Do you need to comply with California SB 553? 

We’ve got you covered. Think of us as your speedy program builders and compliance process guardians with our Workplace Violence Prevention Programs and SB 553 know-how

Can We Ask a Few Questions?

  1. Do you have a workplace violence prevention policy in place?
  2. Do you have a way to document incidents of workplace violence?
  3. Are you tracking data and statistics around incidents of violence at your locations?
  4. Do you have a threat assessment group that knows how to identify, triage, and solve workplace violence threats?
  5. Are you training your employees on how to identify and report workplace violence?

At Risk Resiliency, we solve all 5 of these for you. 

And we’ll make it as straightforward and practical as possible. 

Because we know you might be here because of compliance, but you want a program that helps your people feel secure at work.