Business Continuity

Effective Recovery Requires Planning

Business Continuity is the process-driven practice within Organizational Resilience. Your Business Continuity efforts should focus on how to recover operations and get your people back to work. 

We can help with expert advice and assistance focused on making sure your organization is ready to recover seamlessly and with the least amount of hassle possible. 

Business Continuity Starts With Understanding Your Business

Every business is unique with challenges that are shaped by the goods and services you offer, where you operate, and the complexity of your tech stack. Our efforts focus on key areas that can have downstream consequences on your ability to operate. We perform a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) to really understand your challenges and help plan how to recover based on where you might have the biggest impact in a crisis or disaster. 

In a BIA, Sometimes Simple is Better

A BIA can seem very complex, but for most companies, the focus is really on just four areas:

  1. People: Who do you need? When do you need them? Where can they work? What do they need to work?
  2. Technology: In the era of SaaS, it can seem like your technology is easily recoverable, but digging deeper typically reveals that’s not always true. 
  3. Equipment: What do you need to recover? What do your people need? 
  4. Space: What type of locations do you need? Where are they? How do you get your people there? Remote and hybrid work have solved these challenges, but not every business is based on remote knowledge work. 
Do You Have a Business Continuity Plan, But You’re Not Sure It’s Going to Work?

We can audit your plans to make sure they’re in compliance with current best practices and regulations for your type of business. 

Plans get outdated over time as systems mature and locations in operation shift. You need to make sure your plans have kept pace with your operations. We can help with an audit that helps reveal the potential for your plans to fail you just when you need them most. 

Interested in a Technology Solution to Business Continuity?

The reality is that we don’t always recommend a technology solution. Sometimes business continuity software can be an amazing tool, but we’ve also seen organizations entirely swamped by the complexities of software that is too much for them. We’ll help you figure out if you need a BC platform or if a more traditional planning approach is right for your organization. 

Risk Resiliency is platform neutral. We work with all kinds of technology solutions and vendor platforms. And we can support and guide you through the RFP process if a platform is right for you. 

Your Business Continuity Plan Needs Validation

We help clients develop everything from functional drills focused on how recovery objectives actually work to tabletop exercises that work through a discussion-based scenario. Even if we didn’t perform your BIA or write your plan, we’d love to help your team validate your response by designing and facilitating the right exercises to give you the certainty that your plan will work and your people will be ready. 

Risk Resiliency has created and managed BIA processes and built business continuity plans for organizations in nearly every industry. Our experts can help you define exactly what it means to get back to business.