Comprehensive Organizational Resilience

Small and mid-size business often gets overlooked when it comes to the development of organizational resilience. In this sector, having an in-house crisis management/business continuity person is uncommon, which means these core practices are an afterthought.

Until something goes wrong. 

But every business can benefit from a solid program that approaches organizational resilience holistically and practically. We have extensive experience building programs that create resilience for your reality. Our package offering can get you a great program quickly and efficiently. 

Organizational Resilience Is Within Reach

Our Organizational Resilience Package:

We can customize the elements of the Organizational Resilience Package, but these are the elements most of our clients need:

Crisis Management Plan

A straightforward and concise plan to get your executive team set up to solve complex problems together. 

About Crisis Management

Crisis Communications Playbook

Even if your MarCom team consists of one or two people, or even if it’s a tight team, they still need a playbook for how to communicate in a crisis. Our version includes guidance around messaging, audiences, channels, spokesperson training, and is specifically designed to integrate with the Crisis Management Plan. 

About Crisis Communications

Training and Exercise

We provide role-specific training for the leader, facilitator, and the recorder, and then comprehensive team training for the rest of the team. We include an implementation tabletop exercise that lets the team test out their functions and plan in a no-fault and encouraging environment. 

About Training and Exercises

Facilitator and Recorder Guide

The nuts and bolts of setting up operations for a crisis and how to govern the program on a consistent and ongoing basis. 

Crisis Management Team Leader Playbook

Everything your leader needs to successfully steer a response and make sure your organization can overcome a crisis. 

Organizational Resilience Policy and Governance

Most organizations can benefit from a policy statement that spells out the importance of Organizational Resilience from a business perspective. We provide a policy statement that can be customized to your organization, as well as a guide for how the whole program should operate. 

Executive Summary

Most organizations have boards or executive leadership committees that oversee the entire operation. The Executive Summary is a same-paging tool that helps you communicate the program and get buy in and executive sponsorship. Not having this sponsorship is one of the top reasons plans fail








Also Consider:

For many of our clients, the following should be added to the overall package:

Department Level Crisis Action Team Plans

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Employee Emergency Action Plan

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Workplace Violence Prevention Program

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Additional Exercises

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Business Continuity Plan

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We believe resilience is within reach for every organization.
We have the experience to get you there.