Crisis Communications

Your reputation depends on how you communicate. 

We can help you plan for how you’ll manage your crisis communications before a single siren has sounded and then support you during a crisis when what you need is a clear communications approach. 

The time to plan your crisis communications is before a crisis hits

We work with clients to build overall organizational resilience, and that includes creating a Crisis Communications Playbook that walks your team through all the aspects of setting up holding statements, getting messaging approvals, and the top actions your team needs to take to stay on top of your reputation. 

Support When You Need It

Most organizations have a few really busy individuals in their Marketing and Communications team who are tasked with managing any external communications. Because crises rarely happen to fit neatly into a 9 to 5 workday, we can support your team by connecting you with specialized PR firms who can guide your team in how you’re messaging during a crisis. And if you already have an external PR firm, we can help make sure their efforts are tied into your overall organizational resilience program. 

Practice and Testing Matters

Speed of message and the ability of your spokesperson to quickly step up to deliver the right message in the right way can be fundamental to the resilience of your organization. We build a crisis communications component into every tabletop exercise we do for our clients. We can craft specific training for your team focused on messaging development and delivery and then test their capabilities with a simulation.