Security is more than cameras, alarms, and guards.

When you’re building a security program, you’ve got so much to pull together — protocols, standards, post orders. Risk Resiliency has developed all of these with companies in every stage of their life cycles, from startups in a managed space to established organizations looking to standardize across dozens of locations.

Give your team easy access to the resources they need to keep your site safe and secure, whether it’s wiring and lighting standards for the building or step-by-step instructions for responding to an incident. We organize your information, lay it out logically, and coordinate printing and posting to your internal systems.

Risk Resiliency takes control of your content chaos. It’s typical for security documentation to be spread out across many files, often with redundant, outdated, conflicting, or incomplete information. By pulling your documentation into a centralized repository powered by a content management system, you can push out standardized content while tailoring it to the specifics of each site. Our consultants work with your team to review what you’ve got, and we fill the gaps through interviews and site visits or by leveraging the best practices we’ve gleaned over the years if there’s a policy or standards you need, chances are we’ve got it in our back pocket.

Physical Security Standards Development

Our technical writers are trained in protocol and standards development. We have the expertise to help you write and build a robust library of standards and protocols. 

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Site-Based Security Assessments

Across industries, we’ve helped clients understand the sometimes hidden physical threats that can derail a resilience program. We can assess your site, understand your risk, and help you build an emergency management program that takes into account both your security capabilities and your employee safety. 

Physical Security Crisis Action Team

A crisis action team, sometimes referred to as a CAT, is a department-based component of an overall company crisis management program. Physical/Corporate Security departments have specialized needs when it comes to how they will operate in a crisis. Company leaders often look to their corporate security functions for guidance and information. We can help you build a solid departmental program, so your team is ready to support your leadership.

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