We operate in an unpredictable and interconnected world. Businesses that understand the power of organizational resilience are more competitive and better able to absorb disruption and overcome shocks.

Our practitioners and subject matter experts assist companies in developing organizational resilience through targeted plans and programs with a focus on building teams, creating operationally ready materials, and facilitating a complete exercise program.

Integration: Best practices call for integrated preparedness and response for critical incidents. Risk Resiliency focuses on truly integrating all practices for resiliency.

Our People: Our highly qualified core staff has years of experience working with some of the best companies in the world to build organizational resilience. We know how to match the program with the size and scale of the organization.

Your People: Solid planning and training is not just about managing a crisis – it’s also about building the capacity of your people to work together to solve complex challenges to your organizational resilience. We pay attention to the human aspect of program development.

Response Experience: There is no substitute for real-world and relevant experience. Our clients receive proven methodologies that have come from the true experience of our professionals.

Resilience Governance

Comprehensive Organizational Resilience

Governance is the art of making sure all of your programs fit together and that your policies and processes are in alignment with the goals and structure of your organization.

Comprehensive Resilience Services

Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Is your organization ready for an emergency? Our solutions integrate emergency planning and emergency management into a holistic practice. We specialize in designing programs that include response planning for everything from offices to complex manufacturing facilities to data centers to distributed retail systems. Our solutions focus on how your teams can keep your people safe, protect your assets, and get your organization back to normal operations.

Emergency Management Services

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Building a crisis management plan is only one part of the process. How you develop your plan has to be a reflection of your company operations, your culture, and how your management teams function together in order to solve a complex problem. We make beautiful and useful plans, but we also focus equally on making sure your teams are ready to use your plans. And that when they do they function well together.

Crisis Management Services

Business continuity

Business Continuity

The reputation of your business relies on your ability to maintain your operations. Business continuity is the process-heavy side of organizational resilience. We help clients identify their core business processes and then build plans for how those processes can be recovered and maintained in a disaster.

Business Continuity Services

Crisis communications

Crisis Communications

How you manage your messaging in a crisis is a key component of your organizational resilience. Are you prepared for the challenge of issuing full, fair, and accurate messages to a variety of internal and external audiences? We can help with right-sized communications plans that help your comms team get control of the message.

Crisis Communications Services

Training drills and exercises

Training and Exercises

A key component of having a resilient organization requires the right type and the right cadence of exercising your plans and programs. Exercising is a key to preparation. The right exercises help build the capacity of every level of team in your organization. We help clients with everything from exercise design to evacuation drills to the facilitation of yearly exercises to keep your team fresh.

Training and Exercise Services

Physical security programs

Physical Security

Security is more than cameras, alarms, and guards. We provide program support that brings together your physical security programs and your overall organizational resilience. Our team supports clients with protocols, exercises, and integration with emergency management. And if you need help with your documentation, we use best-in-class content management systems to help tame your security content chaos.

Physical Security Support Services

Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence

Our experts understand what it takes to build a successful program to identify workplace violence threats, scale a response, and train employees on how to report workplace violence. We also understand what you need to do to keep the right incident records for compliance and ongoing management.

Workplace Violence Services

Outsourcing and staffing

Outsourcing and Staffing

Let us help you fill your organizational resilience staffing needs. From long-term placements to short-term support, we can put the right people in place to meet your program goals.

Outsourcing and Staffing Services

hospitality security

Hospitality Security

Risk Resiliency provides hospitality security consulting and organizational resilience solutions to help clients prepare for a range of emergencies, crises, and physical and cyber threats.

Hospitality Security Services