Emergency Management

Our solutions integrate emergency planning and emergency management into a holistic practice. We specialize in designing programs that include response planning for everything from offices to complex manufacturing facilities to data centers to distributed retail systems. Our solutions focus on how your teams can keep your people safe, protect your assets, and get your organization back to normal operations.

Our Emergency Management Solutions

Emergency Response Plans

Any facility can benefit from a solid emergency response plan that guides actions for a variety of threats, including fire, weather, and security scenarios.

OSHA-Compliant Emergency Action Plans for Employees

In an emergency, you need to know that your employees have clear instructions. Our EAPs meet OSHA standards and include scenarios keyed to your locations.

Evacuation Planning and Drills

Don’t just default to your same old evacuation plan or the plan your building owner wrote ten years ago. Evacuation needs to be proactively kept updated.

Threat and Hazard Assessment

Good emergency planning focuses on your actual threats at your actual locations. We’ll help guide you in how to approach threat assessment and how to tie your threats into your planning.

Emergency and Evacuation Equipment Specifications

Knowing which equipment will support your emergency management and response can be tricky. We help guide clients in picking the right equipment to meet the challenges of the needs of their location.

Access & Functional Needs Planning

If you aren’t taking access and functional needs into account in your emergency management plans are you really keeping ALL of your people safe? We can help address the things you need to do to make sure you’re really taking care of your people.

Utility Emergency Planning & Assessment

Utilities are the lifeblood of any healthy and robust community. Comprehensive risk and threat assessments allow your utility to assign your limited resources to planning for the hazards and consequences of that hazard that will have the greatest impact on your customers, core operations, and your reputation within the community.

Active Shooter Response Playbook

Our programs are designed to provide plans and playbooks for emergency response actions as well as organizational guidance for how to escalate to the crisis management team and what considerations there are to manage this very complex threat.

Volunteer Safety Team/Floor Warden Programming

Many jurisdictions require employee volunteers to help assist in emergencies. We build programs that set up your teams, provide training, and then help test with evacuation drills.