Do you need to evaluate the physical security of a hotel or a system of hotels?

Are you purchasing a hotel property and need to perform due diligence on your investment?

Hotel owners and investors understand that in most countries, they bear responsibility for ensuring properties are maintained and operated safely, securely, and per applicable building codes, laws, and regulations.

Our experts can help you meet your responsibilities with our Hospitality Security Consulting Solutions

Can we ask a few questions?

When evaluating a property, some key questions can help frame your approach.

  1. Are approved, as-built plans available and up to date, including renovation and changes of use, etc.?
  2. Are maintenance and training logs available, and do they show a strategic approach is routinely applied to all machinery and equipment?
  3. Do physical security policies, procedures, and training protocols show they are regularly reviewed, updated, and applied?
  4. Is the hotel incident response and crisis management plan aligned with a location risk assessment?
  5. Does the hotel maintain an asset risk register?
  6. Are there risk-based audit and security improvement plans in place?
  7. Are incident response and crisis management plans regularly updated, and are training, drills, and exercises carried out at appropriate times with the appropriate participants?

At Risk Resiliency, our experts have decades of experience asking the right questions and evaluating responses.

We work with hotels, investment groups, and owners to develop practical security risk improvement programs that can be applied in any location. Our goal is to make hotels safer, more secure, and more attractive to guests, owners, operators, and investors.
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