Robert Ashington Pickett

Senior Director

Robert Ashington Pickett graduated in modern languages and pursued post-grad MBA studies in London, leading to initial employment as a management consultant in process engineering based in Sweden.  Following reserve service in the British Army, Robert was invited to apply for the UK Foreign Service and spent over 25 years in UK government service, where he specialized in national security, intelligence and stabilization operations. Much of this time was spent overseas in high risk and conflict environments, including Sierra Leone and Afghanistan.  

Robert is also an expert in resolving kidnap, extortion and hijack incidents and spent five years within a leading global response unit, with frequent deployments in connection with Somali and West African piracy, as well as complex politically motivated kidnap cases in Latin America, Africa and Asia. 

He became an early practitioner of cyber threat intelligence and OSINT and has an extensive background in a threat advisory role for InterContinental Hotels Group and Control Risks Group. 

Alongside his work for Risk Resiliency, Robert is chairman of the Loyalty Security Association fraud intelligence group and advises on the next generation of cyber intelligence tools for application within government agencies.

Robert advises Risk Resiliency clients on cyber crime management, fraud prevention/investigation and capacity building.