Michelle Newcome

Michelle Newcome


Michelle Newcome excels in designing highly effective and comprehensive resiliency programs for complex facilities. With decades of experience, Michelle brings an unmatched level of expertise to Risk Resiliency’s clients.

From store level emergency to central security operations center response guides to crisis management, Michelle’s plans are designed to be truly usable and scalable across global organizations. Using page layout reading cues as well as the words themselves, Michelle’s plans have helped clients to respond to incidents of all types. Michelle also specializes in the use of new technology throughout the planning process to reduce cost and development of support tools for smartphones and tablets.

In addition to resiliency plans and programs, Michelle also designs and conducts tabletop exercises to train and test teams on response. She’s conducted over 100 exercises for diverse teams that include corporate executives, Information Technology/DR Activation, Security, and site-based complex facility teams. Michelle’s exercises are conducted using scenarios developed based on actual risks. 

Some of the project teams that Michelle Newcome has led and been a part of include:

  • Facebook Data Center Crisis Management Planning
  • Facebook Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning and Program Design
  • Ross Stores Buying Office Emergency Response
  • Ross Stores Emergency Management and Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Ross Stores Data Center Crisis Management Planning
  • Ross Stores Distribution Center Emergency Response and Crisis Management Programs
  • Kohl’s Crisis Management and Business Continuity Program Design
  • Hyatt Hotels Security Protocols and Crisis Management Programs
  • Chick-fil-A Crisis Management and Emergency Management Planning
  • University of Notre Dame Crisis Management Program
  • Hudson’s Bay Resiliency Planning and Program Design
  • Slack Technologies Global Resiliency Program
  • Amazon Global Security Workplace Violence Management
  • Amazon Global Security Investigations Guidance
  • Colgate Business Continuity Scalable Plan Design for Manufacturing Facilities
  • Delta Air Lines Incident Assessment
  • Gusto Security Program Roadmapping, Organizational Resilience Program Design, Workplace Violence Threat Assessment Group program