Training drives readiness. Your resiliency training program is the roadmap.

Training requires bandwidth and incentives

What good is a program if nobody knows anything about it? It’s all too common for organizations to do the work of developing and documenting their emergency response, crisis management, and business continuity plans and then… nothing. Training requires bandwidth and incentives, so the essential step of educating personnel is often considered a nice-to-have.

Through training, you can socialize your program, equip staff with knowledge of their roles and responsibilities, and give people confidence that your organization is ready to respond should an incident occur.

Risk Resiliency partners with you to identify training opportunities, cadence, and content, and then we’ll develop a program that fits into your organization’s personality and way of doing business. Need online training? You got it. Want hands-on sessions with teams at each site? We’re there. We can deliver the training, as well as train your internal trainer.

Whether you’re looking for engaging training for your leadership teams, security staff, and floor wardens or general resiliency program socialization, Risk Resiliency will help you meet your goals, raise awareness, and achieve compliance.