Stimulating simulations to strengthen your team’s resiliency muscle memory.

Practice makes perfect?

That’s simply not realistic – a “perfect” response to an incident is a resiliency unicorn. But practice does better prepare you. It also helps identify critical issues that can be addressed before an actual situation goes off the rails.

With regular practice, your team will be prepared to take control. Through live-action drills and tabletop exercises, Risk Resiliency equips you to engage and empower everyone from intern to executive.

During a full-building evacuation drill, your staff will become familiar with evacuation routes and assembly points, your floor wardens will practice their roles, and your resiliency team will discover pain points and opportunities for improvement.

Tabletop exercises offer challenges to the resiliency team: our approach emphasizes role-play of realistic, real-world scenarios, particularly area-wide weather events, medical incidents, facility disruptions, and situations specific to the community. Every tabletop moves the team through a timeline, introduces hurdles to overcome, and encourages discussion at each stage. This builds the team’s confidence, allows them to think through complex decisions, and refines the resiliency program.

Think your team is ready for a worst-case scenario? We can even run the zombie or alien invasion exercise. Seriously. Not every exercise has to be totally serious to be effective.