Your needs are unique. We’re ready for the challenge.

Custom-tailored work is our strong suit.

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for something special. Or you clicked here, lured by the word bespoke. Custom-tailored work is our strong suit.

Not everyone comes to us for resiliency program development, physical security documentation, training, or exercises/drills. Maybe you need help consolidating and updating documentation, support for a standalone initiative, research and recommendations for site selection, or an audit/analysis of your resiliency risks and opportunities. Perhaps you need resiliency staff or you just want us on retainer, so we’re there whenever you need us. Whatever you need, let’s talk.

Process Design

We love designing process. Passionately. (But methodically.)

If your process diagram has cul-de-sacs, dead-ends, and no-exit roundabouts, you might need someone to help draw a new map. Or maybe you’re asking, “What process diagram?” You’ll be like Magellan, and Risk Resiliency is your crew.

When we engage in process design, we get deep into your operations to articulate processes that already exist, those in need of optimization, and what’s missing. We speak with your subject matter experts and stakeholders to learn who is responsible for what, identify each step’s triggers and dependencies, and outline the organization’s particular logistics.

Once we have a handle on your processes, we document them. Risk Resiliency makes a mean checklist, and we wield Visio as our diagramming tool of choice. You’ll be equipped with a process atlas that will guide your team with easy-to-follow directions.


We’re resiliency therapists. We’re resiliency engineers. We’re resiliency theorists. We’re here to make you the expert and advocate for your resilient organization.

Every one of Risk Resiliency’s clients comes to us because of our expertise and experience. Our consultants solve your resiliency problems – or at least help you get a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges your organization faces.

Consulting is the most custom of our bespoke services: every engagement is unique. In-depth discovery and holistically-focused solutions are hallmarks of our approach.

Do you need help making resiliency your reality?

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